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Online Ordering
Wheather you are a restaurant, a grocery shop or a florist, you can now sell your products on the happibe platform.
Digital Receipts
The receipt is now taken digitally and available on the mobile, reducing your carbon footprint.
Happibe Points
Receive points for every purchase (online/offline). These points are equal to cash.
Customers are motivated to recommend their favourite businesses as they also receive points everytime the recommended person purchases.
Connected customers receive instant notifications and vouchers from their favourite businesses.
Businesses can provide digital stamps, that users collect on happibe and redeem at the store.
A customer centric approach to deliver your products.


If you are an ePOS Software Company or a Retail Business that wants to integrate happibe and provide our solutions to your clients, contact us here.
  • Happibe Wallet
    Users will look for businesses, order online, redeem coupons and stamps, collect points automatically and store receipts digitally.
    HappiBe for Business
    The business connects to the happiBe platform and can redeem points, coupons and stamps and handle order delivery.
    Restaurant & Chef
    This app is used to manage online orders in the restaurant. This application can be used with a printer or completely digitally.

    Helping the Planet

    Youre Helping Us Save How do we calculate this estimate?
  • 990 kg of wood
  • 25.3 liters of water
  • 99.5 kg of carbon
  • 9.5 kg of waste
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  • 176 Merton High Street
  • London
  • SW19 1AY
  • United Kingdom
  • info@happibe.com
  • +44 7877 233 699